Keeping retrieved information on devices

Started by John Rehill

John Rehill

Keeping retrieved information on devices   16 May 2016, 11:22

Am I right in thinking that the option under the 'Browsing' tab 'Clear retrieved information on devices gone off-line' is only relevant if the scanner is left permanently open and scanning in live mode?

I have left this open disabled and enabled the autosave however I've found that when I open the program and load the file, selecting the option to not rescan and just load the file and append to the current report, that the information from my last scan shows but as soon as I kick off another scan, the history of offline devices gets wiped. Is there any way to keep this information other than leaving it constantly running or saving a new file each time before I close the file and then using the scan compare?

If not, is there any information on how often the live scan actually does scan? I would assume the network traffic is related to the amount of data I have selected to be displayed/gathered but I just don't want my network admin to start complaining (or worse) about the amount of network scanning that is occurring. Thanks
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Re: Keeping retrieved information on devices   16 May 2016, 11:42

The Clear retrieved information on devices gone off-line option is relevant for whenever an existing device is rescanned. Typically that occurs from the Live Display function or when you rescan a device manually.

I am not sure if I understand your question correctly, but if you don't want any information ever wiped, simply untick this option.

As to the Live Display feature, it runs from the the devices configured below, one at a time. Since this is done in a single thread, it does not generate much traffic, unlike a regular scan.

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