Host info for offline hosts

Started by john8oy

Host info for offline hosts   23 July 2016, 00:59

Hi Andrew, hope your well.

When importing a list of IP Addresses to scan from the import IP / Hostname list and scan those addresses, and if a host is DEAD, it would be extremely useful if the Hostname (via DNS reverse lookup) and the Bookmark information is still presented, as this data can be obtained even when the host is down. This feature could also be implemented if the "Display dead devices" option is ticked in Program Options. Maybe keep the data greyed to show as offline.

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Re: Host info for offline hosts   23 July 2016, 11:21

Perhaps this option can help? When ticked, the app should proceed perform all regular operations, including DNS lookup and bookmark matching.

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Re: Host info for offline hosts   02 August 2016, 19:58

Its already there! Apologies for that, never seen it.
I have done some messing with it, and I find it rather unstable when this is enabled and very slow, getting this error see attached. Also would be better if the dead hosts are greyed out?

Thanks as always
John smile
open | download – 2016-07-26 11_02_42-SoftPerfect Network Scanner.png (20.9 KB)
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Re: Host info for offline hosts   03 August 2016, 19:24

Makes sense. Try the latest build, it would display bookmark info and attempt to lookup a DNS name even if a device is off-line.

You will need to have Display dead devices checked and Always analyse device unchecked.

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