Feature request: Column view, ordering and searching

Started by Franky73

Feature request: Column view, ordering and searching   12 January 2017, 19:29


In "change column view", it could be great if there were multiple highlighting conditions, and then, we could get multiple colors according to the specified values.

Also, the regular expression is fine, but the column must be sorted by the result of the regular expression, which I think it does not do.

I think it could be great if "Ordering" were improved (order by column X, then column Y, then column Z for example). And "searching" of any term as well. Something like... Excel

Thanks, great product.
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Re: Feature request: Column view, ordering and searching   13 January 2017, 17:30

You are right about sorting: it didn't take into account any regular expressions. It has just been fixed that in these builds.

Regarding multiple highlighting conditions, I guess we could add a way to manipulate colors based on column value with VBScript, perhaps something like:
If InStr(column.value, "foo") Then
    column.color = "#AABBCC"
ElseIf InStr(column.value, "bar") Then
    column.color = "#001122"
    column.color = "#000000"
End If
What do you want to use the multiple highlighting conditions for?

Re: Feature request: Column view, ordering and searching   16 January 2017, 19:10

Hi, Andrew.

First, sorry: i didn't see the search button. So searching is ok.

About multiple highlighting conditions: for example, i have a column with "Operating System" and i would like that:

- windows 10: green
- windows 7: yellow
- windows xp: red
- windows server: blue

So, different columns with different colors according to values of its own highlighting conditions. This, together with "sorting with regular expression result" would bring a useful and pretty look.

But the best would be that sorting were "a jerarchy of sort columns" (maybe three columns is ok), for example:

Sort first: column "IP address"
Sort second: column "Computer Organizational Unit" (i have this column. Regular expression is applied here).
Sort third: column "Operating System" (Regular expression is applied here as well).

This would bring a, in english.. maybe is.. a three-column arrangement?


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