Column cloning

Started by Rmpf2


Column cloning   31 January 2017, 15:02

Hi Andrew.

Seeking for advice. Looking for suggestions. Imagine you have a script that can show more than one value of information. For example a script that look through the Active directory to find more than one user attribute: name, organization, address, phone

But to show each value alone, in its own column, you run the same script more than once and apply different regex to each column.

Is there any opportunity to do this without running the same script? Like cloning the columns and applying the regex.
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Re: Column cloning   31 January 2017, 17:55

Sounds like an interesting idea. I guess it may be called 'Virtual Columns' or something where those columns take values from one or more real columns.

This way one can split multiple values from one column with regex as well as combine values from multiple real columns. What do you think?

Re: Column cloning   01 February 2017, 04:23

Excellent!!!! Thanks!!
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Re: Column cloning   03 February 2017, 17:04

Added in version 7.0.3. It takes values from one or more specified columns, applies a regular expression and outputs the result.

Here for example, CPU frequency was extracted into a separate column:

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Another improvement in this version is that most items can be quickly edited without having to go to the specific scan and finding the entry.

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Re: Column cloning   04 February 2017, 02:40

Nice work. Thanks Andrew! Thanks rmpf2 for this helpful suggestion and feature. -WS

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