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Backup of config file when auto-saving / prompt to save changes

Started by Aaron

Would it be possible to have Network Scanner create a backup of a config file if "Auto Load/Save to Most Recent File" is enabled in the configuration? I've enabled this option, but had a few instances where something has gone wrong, I've closed out of NS then gone back in, and lost my data.

Alternatively, if "Auto Load/Save" isn't enabled, could NS detect if changes have been made to the config, and prompt "do you want to save" if the program is closed and changes haven't been saved (the reason I enabled the Auto Load/Save in the first place, because I kept forgetting I needed to save manually before exiting).
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Re: Backup of config file when auto-saving / prompt to save changes   08 March 2017, 18:45

Sorry, I am not sure I quite understand what you are asking...

The Auto Load/Save to Most Recent File option refers to loading and saving the list of discovered devices and their associated data, not config files.
Config is always saved and always loaded when you launch NS irrespectively of the above setting.

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