Suggestion: Thread Time-Out Option

Started by WindowsStar

Suggestion: Thread Time-Out Option   22 March 2017, 00:42

Good Morning.

I would like to suggest adding a time-out option for the threads gathering all the information. I left NetScan running overnight to do a lot of work gathering a lot of information, but every time I run it, it never seems to finish and is stuck on a few last threads. I assume this is because NetScan thinks eventually it will get the information? It would be nice to have an option to fill in how long you want a thread to keep trying to get the information before NetScan terminates it and moves on. I would be nice if you could set it for minutes and hours.

Thanks -WS
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Re: Suggestion: Thread Time-Out Option   22 March 2017, 07:42

It's been there for a while wink

The Max. thread run-time setting gracefully stops a thread and moves on to a next IP address if it has not finished within the specified time. If the thread cannot be stopped, it will be forcibly terminated when 2 x the specified time elapses. A zero run-time sets no limit on thread execution time.

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Re: Suggestion: Thread Time-Out Option   23 March 2017, 00:45

Thank you. I guess I misunderstood that was how that works and/or did not know the underlying operation. Somehow I was thinking this was how much time you wanted to wait to start the threads, thinking run-time meaning start, not how long. Now that you have pointed it out I get it "run time" how long. Looked at that so long ago, it stuck in my mind incorrectly. Thanks as always and glad to see it is already in place. -WS

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