Saving results to XML with filter applied loses hidden results

Started by Aaron

I've discovered a bug where if I have a list of IP addresses loaded, and have a filter applied to the results, if I save the results list as an XML, close the program, then reload the results list, the IP addresses filtered out of the results are lost (the IP addresses then need to be re-imported, and the results re-scanned). Is this able to be fixed? Thanks.
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Re: Saving results to XML with filter applied loses hidden results   05 June 2017, 12:30

This isn't a bug, rather an implementation detail.

If we change it in a way that filters are not considered when saving, it would be impossible to produce filtered XML datasets, say if someone wanted to save only database servers to one XML file.

I'll check if we can add an option to include the filtered-out items when saving to XML.

UPDATE: The latest build now offers a choice of what to save and defaults to save everything:

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