Slow column resizing

Started by bizmarkie

Slow column resizing   22 June 2017, 12:32

Hi, idk if theres something wrong with my computer, but when I drag/resize the columns, its very jerky. And there are 'tears' in the graphics update. Is that normal? Does anyone else see this or just me? You may need to add some columns to see it properly. thx!
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Re: Slow column resizing   22 June 2017, 14:24

Hmmm, could you perhaps try on a different computer or record a video of what it looks like?

As far as I can tell the tree view control we're using is pretty fast - I personally never felt it was sluggish.

Re: Slow column resizing   22 June 2017, 22:53

I made a video! Have not tried on other PCs yet but other apps on my laptop don't do this. Thats why I wrote in. Will try on other PCs later but thot i'd ask


Re: Slow column resizing   23 June 2017, 01:16

That looks like a slow video card to me. I have seen this with other software many times. Try updating the video driver to the latest version, sometimes that makes a difference. If not check to see if your machine itself has too much running at the same time. I know many applications put software in the system tray to launch faster or give you quick access to settings, but 90% of the time that is unneeded and can be removed to get better performance from you computer overall. Some thoughts for you -WS

Re: Slow column resizing   24 June 2017, 07:35

Yes,let me try it on a couple other pcs and see if it improves. I only posted it coz all other apps with girds scroll smooth. Its a 6th gen i5 laptop tho so its not a slow card! Maybe drives, but why does only ipscan have this problem for me? weird!

Re: Slow column resizing   12 July 2017, 15:59

posting this to prove i'm not an idiot smile finally tried another PC. This is new custum i7 build with Geforce 1030 GT card (2gb ddr5 dedicated, 2017 model card,far from slow), 16GB RAM, SSD, etc. All new install of win 7 64-bit Ultimate edition with all latest drivers including newest reference drivers from nvidias website. Running at 1080p I get the same exact issue as on my laptop. Totally different PC brands, different video cards, different CPU, different OS, same slowness. No other app I've tried on that system is choppy and delayed wen resizing columns. NOTHING else is running, very little installed right now coz its new PC. even tried setting netscan to High and REALTIME priority. Very latest version of netscan too. I think everythings covered?

see video: []

WindowStar and andrew, can u please add some of the other info columns like uptime, os, time of day, etc and show me your video? i need proof I am going crazy! :p I have 14 columns but only 60 rows of net devices
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Re: Slow column resizing   12 July 2017, 17:29

Turns out you are right and I failed to see the sluggish resize earlier because it only manifested itself in the release build with applied software protection. Basically the code that draws text was executed on a virtual CPU that is part of the app's protection mechanism, which would be fine if it wasn't called a hundred times per second during resize.

I have removed the protection from that block of code and everything seems to be flying fast now - please download the new build and confirm.

Re: Slow column resizing   13 July 2017, 09:22

sounds like u both missed it? Its good to be vindicated tho, and ur welcum! It did feel a bit like you two were ganging up on me, but I was victorious in the end! Was expecting WindowsStar to say my new pc was slow some how or not on the right astral plane or I had the gremlins! ha

yes, new version, fixed.......

Re: Slow column resizing   14 July 2017, 03:31

Bizmarkie, you weren't crazy at all. I was having the exact same issue after the first 7.0.8 update.
I'm running a Laptop with an Intel i7 quad-core, 16 GB RAM and 2GB nVidia GT720M graphics under Windows 10 Pro.
I was getting ready to report this issue, but have been so busy using Netscan that I haven't had time to report the issue. That's a bit ironic.

My Netscan runs 22 columns. Some with REGEX filters and highlighting. Some are virtual columns. Information is gathered from built-in items, WMI, Registry and several Remote Scripts (LOVE that feature, and it's forcing me to learn some VBScript, though I still suck at it).
I can confirm that the update on 7/12 resolves the issue. Back to lightning-fast scrolling.
open | download – Netscan-170713.jpg (256 KB)
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Re: Slow column resizing   14 July 2017, 09:36

Thanks guys for confirming it's been resolved. It was quite a silly bug! wink

Re: Slow column resizing   16 July 2017, 05:27

Sorry if it seemed like I was ganging up on you, that was not my intent. The intent was to help resolve the problem. I have been in the computer industry for more time than I care to admit and every time I had seen something like this in the past it was video card related or too high a percentage of CPU usage time. But as always Andrew knew something we didn't was able to track it to the application. -WS

Re: Slow column resizing   21 September 2017, 12:26

No problem. Sorry I bent out of shape. I get weird when Im trying to help and they say I'm wrong. Dont let it happen again! smile just kidding of corse

Re: Slow column resizing   21 September 2017, 15:06

All Good -WS

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