MAC address database update

Started by michaewlewis


MAC address database update   28 June 2017, 01:45

Is it possible to turn off the notification about updating the mac address database? I manage a closed network with no internet access and I would rather not have it tell me when to update. Especially since it takes more than a few steps to get it updated..... or at least reduce how often it tells me to update. If I'm running a series of scans, I don't need it to tell me to update every every single time.
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Re: MAC address database update   28 June 2017, 08:43

At the moment this behaviour is hard-coded. Once the file becomes more than 3 months old, the app starts prompting whether you want to update it.

The easiest solution in this case is to set the database file's date to the current date, which will suppress the prompts for another 3 months.

This can be done by using a third-party file manager to assign the current date to oui.txt or run in a command prompt:
copy /b oui.txt +,,

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