More flexible Column View highlighting

Started by MurMan

More flexible Column View highlighting   14 July 2017, 04:38

A few ideas for the Change Column View options...

1: Can we get font styles (Bold, Italic) as highlighting options in addition to font color?

2: Reference other columns as highlighting condition values.
I would like to be able to permanently configure the Hostname column to highlight if it doesn't contain the [PC Name] column.
This can already be done using the filters, but I would like to be able to configure it in the Change Column View window, making it permanent and part of the netscan.xml file.
The attachment is a mock-up of the possible config.

3: Boolean operators
It would be great if the Change Column View highlighting Value field supported Boolean operators.
I have some scripts which output several different results and this would allow me to highlight if the column value contained "A" OR "C" but not "B", "D" or "E".
Different colors for different values would be dynamite (Green if "A", Yellow if "B", etc.) but that seems FAR more complicated.
open | download – ConfigHostNameDisplay.jpg (34.1 KB)
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Re: More flexible Column View highlighting   14 July 2017, 16:54

Sounds good. Font styles are easy to add. Referencing other columns is easy to do as well. Boolean operators are more tricky, but I will see if we can do it.

Different colours and fonts for different conditions does sound a bit too complicated, let's get the above done first.

Update: implemented font styles and column referencing in the latest builds.

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