Problem loading license file: Unable to read config

Started by shemsargent


Problem loading license file: Unable to read config   25 October 2017, 06:08

Since updating to Netscan 7.1, I have been getting the following message at every Netscan start: "Unable to read config: \[network path]\netscan.lic".

I am using the portable version of Netscan. I have a current license. I confirmed the netscan.lic file still exists in the same network path as netscan.exe. I confirmed that the netscan.lic contains valid-looking xml with the correct license string. I did not have this issue with version 7.0.

When I continue on the error, it allows me to load my previously saved scan results, but it is in reduced functionality mode (only first ten scanned items are readable). When I use the "Enter License Key..." menu option and paste my key in, full functionality is restored, and the timestamp on the netscan.lic file updates to the current time. The contents of the file do not appear to change. I tried deleting the file and went through the same process. A new netscan.lic file is generated. Upon closing Netscan and restarting the problem recurs.

Also, I am using the 64 bit version of Netscan on Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit. I recently upgraded to Windows 10 version 1709. This may have coincided with the beginning of this issue. The timeline isn't quite clear to me.
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Re: Problem loading license file: Unable to read config   25 October 2017, 09:29

There was a small bug in the initial v7.1 release file, which has been fixed a few hours after the release. Please download a new copy of Network Scanner from the product page and everything should work fine. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Re: Problem loading license file: Unable to read config   31 October 2017, 05:04

Thank you, the update resolved this issue.

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