Feature suggestion: sub-menus in Applications

Started by Aaron


Feature suggestion: sub-menus in Applications   21 November 2017, 12:59

One of the great things I love about Network Scanner is the ability to run "applications" against each IP address using data collected via WMI etc, and as such, I have a growing number of scripts and commands saved in the "Applications" tab. Would it be possible to add sub-menus to the "Open Device" menu, rather than just having one ever-growing list?

e.g. Maybe have an additional text field on the "Edit Application" dialog, titled "Sub-menu" - then if there's a value in there, it'll put the item in a sub-menu / if not, it'll put it in the main menu as it does now.
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Re: Feature suggestion: sub-menus in Applications   22 November 2017, 13:35

Thank you for the feedback. It's actually already possible and this way works with bookmarks as well.

Simply specify a vertical bar to create groups of items. For example, try naming your bookmarks as Network A | Subnet 1, Network A | Subnet 2 or naming your applications as FTP clients | FileZilla, FTP clients | Total Commander and you will see sub-menus created.

Re: Feature suggestion: sub-menus in Applications   22 November 2017, 17:36

Thanks Andrew - just tried it ... absolutely awesome smile

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