Authenticated and non-authenticated scans

Started by Ahmad


Authenticated and non-authenticated scans   13 January 2018, 03:48

Dear Netscan Experts,
I would like to understand the specificity of share drive scan.
In the share Tab, we have a block concerning the Authentication, with two possibilities:
Use current Account
Specific Account

My question is: is using the "current account" based on the Windows account used to logon the windows session or something else? I need to scan using two modes, authenticated and non-authenticated. As I am connected through a workstation with an AD account, I'm afraid that this scan is considered as authenticated when I choose "use current account".

Thanks in advance
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Re: Authenticated and non-authenticated scans   13 January 2018, 10:01

Unfortunately there isn't really a way to scan for shared resources unauthenticated. The Current account choice means scanning with the same credentials as the user working with the Network Scanner.

However, you could create an unprivileged user or use the Guest account and run a scan from that user's session, e.g. using the runas command.

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