Wake-on-LAN over the Internet

Started by Dan


Wake-on-LAN over the Internet   31 May 2018, 12:36

Hi, just want ask if Network Scanner can be used for wake up on via Internet.
We have another PC in the other building, so we need to wake up that PC for monitoring sometimes.
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Re: Wake-on-LAN over the Internet   31 May 2018, 13:19

Yes, it can be used this way subject to the router's support of forwarding a port to a broadcast address.

In general, there would the following steps:
  1. Make sure WOL is configured at the target PC and can be woken up locally from the same network.
  2. Add a WOL entry in the Network Scanner application. If your router has a static external IP address, use Add - IPv4 Target. If not, the router needs to be configured to work with a DDNS service like DynDNS, so it can be accessed by a domain name. Once done, use Add - Host Name Target.
  3. The router needs to be configured to forward incoming packets to the port configured in the above step to a broadcast address like or x.x.x.255.

Here is how it's supposed to work:
  1. A "magic" WOL packet containing the target's MAC address is sent to the router's external IP address.
  2. The router forwards and broadcasts that packet within the LAN.
  3. A computer with the MAC address from the WOL packet wakes up.

Unfortunately there can be issues regarding router's support, but here is a couple of articles that can help: How to Remotely Turn On Your PC Over the Internet, Wake-On-Lan through the internet.

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