Cannot map network drives (no plus sign next to the drives)

Started by Darren

I am having difficulties mapping the network drives for my two Dune players as they don't have a plus sign (+) next to them. I previously was able to that and the plus sign was there, but no longer.
In fact, I'm unable to access any item through the IP addresses. Any ideas please?
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Re: Cannot map network drives (no plus sign next to the drives)   03 November 2018, 22:36

There can be a few reasons why there is no [+] shown next to the devices:
  • Shared folder discovery is not enabled. Open the Shares tab in Options and check Scan for shared resources.
  • The devices may not have any folders shared, or your user account doesn't have sufficient rights to access them. You can check that by typing the folloving line in a command prompt, replacing x.x.x.x with the target IP address:
      net view \\x.x.x.x  
  • If the above "net view" succeeds, there may be a firewall blocking the Network Scanner from accessing the network. If it fails, it may provide error codes for further investigation.

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