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Started by Mike


Application List display   13 December 2018, 02:19

Hi, since latest versions I have seen in my application list that when I edit it to include a new app everything works as expected, but after some scan the list appears to replace all apps beginning with letter "e" with "and", and all those beginning with "o" with "or".

Here is an example of my definitions:

For E
"E|Erase|Folder|Temp - Using variables to pass target directory path.","cmd /v /k set targetdir=temp && del /q \\%0\c$\!targetdir!\*.* && for /d %i in (\\%0\c$\!targetdir!\*.*) do @rmdir /s /q ""%i""",0
E|Erase|Folder|Temp,"cmd /c rd /s /q \\%0\c$\temp ",0

For O
"O|Outlook|Fix Invalid XML Profile File","cmd /K %PsExec_VAR \\%0 -u %USER -p %PWD \\%0\C$\Progra~1\Micros~4\Office12\OUTLOOK.exe /resetnavpane",0
"O|OpenRSM|Copy Folder Plus Agent Add - Psexec|Parameters Required","cmd /c xcopy ""%Clients_Path_VAR\OpenRsm"" ""\\{Enter hostname or ip to copy files:%0}\C$\Program Files\OpenRsm""  /e /c /i /h /k /q /y & cmd /c ""%PsExec_VAR \\{Enter hostname or ip to run software:%0} -s -i -d -u %USER -p %PWD ""%ProgramFiles%\OpenRsm\Agent\AgentAdd.exe""""",0
"O|OpenRSM|Copy Folder Plus Agent Add - Psexec|Parameters Not Required","cmd /c xcopy ""%Clients_Path_VAR\OpenRsm"" ""\\%0\C$\Program Files\OpenRsm""  /e /c /i /h /k /q /y & cmd /c ""%PsExec_VAR \\%0 -s -i -d -u %USER -p %PWD ""%ProgramFiles%\OpenRsm\Agent\AgentAdd.exe""""",0
"O|OpenRSM|Agent Remove - RemCom","cmd /K %RemCom_VAR \\%0 /user:%USER /pwd:%PWD \\%0\C$\Progra~1\OpenRsm\Agent\AgentRemove.exe",0
"O|OpenRSM|Agent Remove - Psexec","cmd /c ""%PsExec_VAR \\%0 -s -i -d -u %USER -p %PWD ""%ProgramFiles%\OpenRsm\Agent\AgentRemove.exe""""",0
"O|OpenRSM|Agent Add - RemCom","cmd /K %RemCom_VAR \\%0 /user:%USER /pwd:%PWD \\%0\C$\Progra~1\OpenRsm\Agent\AgentAdd.exe",0
"O|OpenRSM|Agent Add - Psexec","cmd /c ""%PsExec_VAR \\%0 -s -i -d -u %USER -p %PWD ""%ProgramFiles%\OpenRsm\Agent\AgentAdd.exe""""",0

After the scan, when I try to call for an app, the defined list of my applications should be displayed like this:
a b c d e f g h ... o p r ... z

but instead it displays like this:
a b c d and f g h ... or p r ... z
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Re: Application List display   13 December 2018, 11:13

This was a bug related to multiple languages added to the application recently.

Essentially, the code erroneously attempted to translate the menu items that aren't supposed to be translated. The bug has been fixed, and the fix will be included into the next version.

For now, please download the latest preliminary build and the issue should be resolved.

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