Suggestion: make "Rescan device" update a single WMI column

Started by Aaron

Just wanted to flag with you that I'm currently using the 7.1.9 64-bit version of Network Scanner, and have found that when I try updating a WMI query result using the right-click "Rescan device" > "specific value" option, it is returning updated values for all the WMI query columns, not just running the single query.

Another idea I've thought of too - would it be possible to add a way of canceling any outstanding / hanging queries for a specific device, e.g. a right-click option? It would provide an easier way to quickly terminate queries for troublesome devices, rather than waiting for them to time out "naturally".

Many thanks!
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Re: Suggestion: make "Rescan device" update a single WMI column   06 February 2019, 11:01

Thank you for your feedback.

You are right: when rescanning one column, all columns in the group are rescanned. It was just designed this way for implementation simplicity. But as you pointed out, it may not be what a user expects and the rescan could take longer than it should.

We have improved this in the latest preliminary build: now only a specific column is rescanned (unless a virtual column is involved, which refers to one or more columns, - in that case all columns in the group are rescanned).

Regarding terminating outstanding queries, you could just hit the "Stop" button, and all pending queries will be scheduled for cancellation. It may take some time to gracefully close them. There is also the "Force" button that will forcibly kill them. It is however not recommend due to potential memory leaks.

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