Suggestion: Jump to a device based on keyboard input

Started by Aaron

Can I please make a suggestion: Jump to device based on keys pressed, e.g. when navigating the 'Friendly Name' column?

I have a large list of devices all named using the Friendly Name column. It would be really handy if I could jump straight to a device by typing the beginning of the name (similar to the usual "list box" behaviour), rather than having to scroll up/down until I find the device I'm looking for.

Would something like this be possible to add to a future release?
Many thanks smile
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Re: Suggestion: Jump to a device based on keyboard input   18 March 2019, 15:47

Thanks, that's a good idea and we have just implemented it. Please download and try latest build. It should search across all columns as you type.

One caveat: the tree must be in focus (via a mouse click) for the search to work.
Andrew you're an absolute legend - works brilliantly!! Thank you cool

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