Some scanned assets do not display share information

Started by Mack

Hi, I am currently testing NetScanner and scanning multiple assets. NetScanner is identifying the assets and the folders, but some folders don't show share information, i.e. no Shared Folder Security, no Shared Folder Readers, etc. However when I scan my own machine, all the required information is displayed.

I know there is a limitation with rows of asterisks **** in free demo version for scanning more than 10 devices, but even when I scan just one device, it doesn't seem to show the complete data. Could you please tell me what could be the reason?
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Re: Some scanned assets do not display share information   04 November 2019, 10:30

If you see blank fields, it is usually due to permissions issues. The application needs to be able to receive both NTFS and share-assigned security information.

It such situations, it is a good idea to use an admin account. Especially in Windows 10, as Microsoft has tightened security requirements. What may have worked previously in older versions of Windows with a lower-privilege account, often no longer works in Windows 10.

To double-check, you can try ShareEnum utility and see if it produces the same result.

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