Embedding license key into installation package

Started by Jerome


Embedding license key into installation package   10 February 2020, 13:45


Is it possible to deploy the Network Scanner software via command line and have the software activate without user intervention? We use SCCM to deploy software and need the software to activate without sharing its license keys with users.
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Re: Embedding license key into installation package   11 February 2020, 01:57

The Network Scanner can be installed without user interaction by launching the installer with /SILENT or /VERYSILENT command line parameters:
  • In /SILENT setup the installer wizard window and background window are not displayed, but the installation progress window is displayed.
  • In /VERYSILENT the installation progress window is not displayed either.
In both cases error messages, if any happen, will be displayed, so will the startup prompt (unless disabled with '/SP-' parameter).

The NetScanner licence is currently kept on a per-user basis in C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Roaming\SoftPerfect Network Scanner\netscan.lic, which is basically an XML file with a licence key and a few settings.

Are you planning to have multiple users using it? If so, we can slightly modify our code, so it will load its licensing information from a global ("All users") location.

Re: Embedding license key into installation package   11 February 2020, 10:19

That would be great! The software will be installed for multiple users but not on shared machines. Our software delivery solution requires the install to run as SYSTEM. So we will have issues copying the license files to the user profiles. If we can copy the license file to a central location on the user's machine during the install and have it activate automatically, that would be ideal.
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Re: Embedding license key into installation package   12 February 2020, 11:15

We have implemented reading licensing information from "All Users" location. It should now be easy to deploy the application automatically. Please follow these steps:
  1. Download latest version (7.2.7). The installer can be launched with /SILENT or /VERYSILENT command line parameters, which will install the application without any prompts.
  2. Create netscan.lic file and paste the below code (or unpack this template and open it in any text editor).
  3. Paste your licence key where indicated and save.
  4. On the target system(s) place the file in %PROGRAMDATA%\SoftPerfect Network Scanner\netscan.lic

Upon startup, the application will check the file's existence and if found, automatically read and accept the licence key. Please make sure that the location is readable by the Users or Everyone group, so that the application can read this file.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  Place your licence code here.
  It can span over multiple lines.
  Do NOT include the BEGIN/END tags.

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