NetScan GUI suggestions

Started by MurMan

NetScan GUI suggestions   20 March 2020, 08:43

Just a few suggestions for the GUI.

Importing IP Addresses/Host Names:
+Add an option to APPEND the imported list to the IP Address Input Panel
+Add ability to alter the default options for the "Import IP/Host Names" process.
Barring that, having the program remember the previous options used would work for me. I rarely change which options I select, but I must change them every time.
On the first dialog, the selection under "Import these lines" > "Into the main view" or "Into the IP address input panel"
When importing Host names, the query about resolving them to IP addresses.
The "Rescan/Validate" dialog options.

Options > Program Options > Applications:
+Remember the previously set column widths, or even move this to a separate window and remember the column widths and window size.
+Remove ability to re-order by clicking on the column header. It's far too easy to miss the column width handle and accidentally reorder the applications. The only way to exit the window without setting the new application order is to click cancel (discarding all previous changes) and start over.
+Add the ability to select a block of Applications and move them as a unit.

+Add an easy way to sort by and remove dead hosts from the main view

During the scanning process:
+Handle requests to delete an item from the main view by adding them to a queue which will be executed when scanning concludes.

+Add conditions "Begins With" and "Ends With".
+Add support for "?" as a single-character wildcard.
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Re: NetScan GUI Suggestions   21 March 2020, 11:32

Thank you for these useful suggestions. We have changed/added the following:
  • The selection made in the import dialog is now remembered while the application stays open (not saved between sessions).
  • The message box warning about host names to be resolved when importing data can now be suppressed.
  • Sorting applications now requires user confirmation, to prevent accidental sorting you experienced.
  • More than one application can now be selected and moved up and down as a group.
  • Added a menu item to remove all dead hosts at once (see Actions - Delete Inactive Devices in the main menu).
  • Devices can now be deleted from the main view during scanning.
  • Instead of the separate Begin With and End With, there is now wildcard support in Equal/Not Equal filters. You can do something like ABC* or *ABC, or use a single-character wildcard as needed.
  • A new Regex filter type that lets you use a regular expression for filtering the result set.

Imported addresses can be appended to the IP Address Input Panel by holding Ctrl when closing the dialog. Same applies when selecting a network card or a bookmark. This, along with other useful tricks, is mentioned under Tips and Tricks in the user manual.
Another trick you may like is adding vertical bars to application names to group them.

You can download the new builds here.

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