Duplicate IP address detection

Started by Matthew


Duplicate IP address detection   30 July 2020, 10:28

Does the free trial version of NetScanner for macOS allow duplicate IP address detection? I have a licensed Windows version, and I see many options that the trial version on Mac doesn't have, including the duplicate IP detection. Will those features appear after the licence purchase? I am trying to help someone remote desktop and I can't see the Duplicate IP address detection action.
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Re: Duplicate IP address detection   30 July 2020, 10:46

The macOS version is currently a separate product, and it does not have all the features available in the Windows version. The Windows version was created nearly 10 years earlier, and so its functionality is significantly more advanced.

We are planning on adding new features to the macOS version in the future, but at any time the free trial for both Windows and macOS gives you an accurate representation of all available features. The only limitation of NetScanner's free trial is that it displays a maximum of 10 devices. Purchasing a licence removes this 10-device limit, but every feature, function, action and menu item the licenced Network Scanner has is also present in its free trial.

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