Scripting authentication

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Scripting authentication   26 November 2020, 02:23

I have some scripts using the built-in telnet option. In each one there's a declaration for user and password to access the device. Any idea or advice on how to implement some kind of variable for the credentials? If the user or password change all the scripts have to be manually modified.

'Retrieve system info via Telnet
'This example code can be adapted to work
'with any device that supports the protocol

'Set credentials
user = "user1"
pass = "user1_password"

'Create internal Telnet object
set objTelnet = Internal.CreateObject("Telnet")
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Re: Scripting authentication   26 November 2020, 10:25

One way would be to store login settings in an external file, e.g. XML or plain text and read that file to access the credentials.

Another way, we may add a function to access the Network Scanner's credential manager from scripts, though the problem is identifying which user and password to use. The list of credentials simply consists of username-password pairs, and I am not sure how to specify in a script which user you want if two of them have the same name.

Re: Scripting authentication   27 November 2020, 00:12

Hi. Happy Thanksgiving Day. God bless you all!

You mentioned earlier the possibility to implement some kind of function to access the credential manager. How about a function to access the applications variables definition?
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Re: Scripting authentication   30 November 2020, 16:10

Yes, that can be done and we'll implement it soon.

At moment the Network Scanner application is undergoing a redesign with the aim of supporting both Windows and macOS to a maximum possible extent. To avoid having to merge new changes from different codebases, we'll add the requested feature once the redesign is complete (in ~2-3 weeks),

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