How to export host names that did not respond

Started by Patrick


How to export host names that did not respond   08 April 2021, 12:41

The new version works great, but the host file names get deleted when I scan. Any solution for keeping host names if they don't get discovered?

I am doing a ton of VLOOKUP to find who didn't respond and was hoping to export something to show the names that did not respond. I am using NetBIOS friendly names, but the customer did not put names in the DNS. Any way to keep those in the scan for simple lookup?
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Re: How to export host names that did not respond   08 April 2021, 13:16

If there is no host name found in a scan, then it will be cleared. If you want some static names that are not removed, you can assign friendly names to each device. These are basically user-supplied names that are linked to an IP or MAC address for easy device identification.

Otherwise, if this is what you wish to achieve: you have a list of devices with host names, and you want to separate the names that are online and those that did not respond, right? If yes,
  1. Go to Options, then Browsing tab, and untick 'Clear retrieved information on devices gone offline'. Then their host names will stay after a rescan. But you must ensure you are running a rescan, not a new scan, as it will clear everything!
  2. After that, you can apply the 'Response Time Not Empty' filter to show offline devices only.
  3. Finally, you can export the list or just names alone to another file.

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