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License for pentesting

Started by Andre


License for pentesting   21 April 2021, 11:40

Dear Sirs or Madams,

We offer penetration testing services to our customers and would like to use SoftPerfect Network Scanner for our pen tests. Our customers have one dedicated PC at their location which we access remotely and make security evaluation tests of their infrastructure. After the pentest, the PC will be completely cleared out by our customer. After this, we would use the Network Scanner at the next customer's infrastructure.

Which license should we buy for this scenario?

Kind regards,
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Re: License for pentesting   21 April 2021, 11:51

In this case, as the Network Scanner is always used by your company and only on one device at any given time, you can purchase a single-device business licence.

Also, I recommend using the portable edition of NetScanner in this scenario. It will allow you to have all its settings, licence, and any external tools like nmap in a single folder, which is easy to move, deploy on the target computer, and then completely delete after testing. With the portable edition you won't need to go through the process of installation, configuration, and entering the licence every time.

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