Best Network Scanner license option for a technician

Started by Karl

Being a network technician and servicing numerous clients, I am wondering if there is a license that would cover being able to use SoftPerfect Network Scanner for network diagnostics? We usually support our clients remotely, and this utility in my opinion has a better look and feel, and offers some additional functionality that other free and open source options lack.
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Re: Best Network Scanner license option for a technician   20 July 2021, 13:37

In this case, a Single device Business licence is all you need.

It also makes more sense to use the portable edition of Network Scanner. Its single folder will contain your licence key and any configurations you create. This way you could carry it around on a USB stick, or upload to a customer system, run in there for scanning, and then delete everything when you finished.

If you have multiple technicians, multiple licences should be purchased (one for each). For that case, we have for example a discounted licence pack of 10.

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