List remote shared folders with different user but same connection

Started by pstein

List remote shared folders with different user but same connection   23 February 2022, 22:20

Assume I connected from a Win10 computer to another computer in inhouse Wifi/LAN. No domain controller/Active directory is used. Is is just a simple WORKGROUP/HOMEGROUP network between a small number of computers.

In Windows Explorer I clicked on the remote computer name under "Network".
A popup appears requesting remote login name and password.
After entering it I can successfully access all remote shared folders.
So again: the local account differs from the remote account. But after enter credentials I can access remote account.

Now I start Softperfect Network Scanner and want to list all current computers in local network (IP range) and
(if existing and possible) list all remote shared folders below the corresponding computer.
Softperfect Network Scanner finds all remote computer but does NOT list the remote shared folders. Why?

I don't want to add login/name/credentials in Softperfect Network Scanner a second time. Instead the existing connection (as visible in Windows Explorer) should be used to retrieve all available remote shared folders. How can I achieve this?

Must NetBIOS be enabled (on both computers)?
Must SMB be enabled (on both computers)?

Thank you
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Re: List remote shared folders with different user but same connection   23 February 2022, 23:44

Most likely it's because when you open that computer in Windows Explorer, you access it by name. Whereas Network Scanner accesses it by IP address. From the point of view of Windows SMB subsystem those are different connections, i.e. \\MYSERVER and \\ are different connections even if MYSERVER resolves to

If you don't want to enter your access credentials in Network Scanner, try opening that computer from Windows Explorer by its IP address. That is, click Start, then Run, then enter \\x.x.x.x, where x.x.x.x is the address of the target computer.

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