Opening shares from Credential Manager

Started by renders

Opening shares from Credential Manager   11 March 2022, 06:47

Hello. I am trying to connect to Windows shares from within Network Scanner. I have added several user/password combos within the Credential Manager and have changed the Workstation Authentication option to Specific account, and Try all Login-Password pairs.

When I attempt to open the Windows share, I am prompted by Windows for credentials. If I enter an appropriate user/password combo manually, I see the share contents.

I am running Win10 21h2 on a Windows 2016 domain and using the latest version of Network Scanner.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Opening shares from Credential Manager   11 March 2022, 10:28

Any credentials added under the Credential Manager are used for scanning, i.e. enumerating shares and checking their status.

When you open a share from the Network Scanner app, it simply launches Windows Explorer to open that share. Since Windows Explorer is unauthenticated, you see the credentials prompt.

As far as I know there is no way to pass a user name and password to Windows Explorer to access a share.

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