How to display logged-on users after WMIC was deprecated

Started by DPSullivan

How to display logged-on users after WMIC was deprecated   15 September 2022, 22:21

I just purchased the license version of Network Scanner on August 25th and it was working great. I mainly got it to help with verifying computer inventory. I used it about a dozen times and it was a huge help.

It appears that after the WMIC tool was deprecated in Windows 10 version 21H, the Network Scanner tool no longer shows "Logged Users". Is there another way to get the scanner to show this information? Are there any plans for an update that will resolve this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: How to display logged-on users after WMIC was deprecated   16 September 2022, 09:05

There are a few ways to display logged-on users. At least one of these methods should work regardless of WMIC depreciation.
  • Via the Lookup logged-on users on the Workstation tab. This uses NetWkstaUserEnum Windows API.
  • Via the WMI under Options - Remote WMI, although likely this will not detect multiple logons:
      SELECT UserName FROM Win32_ComputerSystem  
  • Via the scripting feature under Options - Remote Scripting. Please see the sample scripts Full logged name and User logon time that are included in the Network Scanner application.

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