Dialog boxes in macOS app became unresponsive to mouse clicks

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Hello. I downloaded the latest version 8.2.1 and the problem is that it does not work on M1 Max chip with 64GB RAM, macOS 14.4. Wherever there is a popup screen or dialog box, the GUI of the app does not respond to any mouse clicks. The OK and Cancel buttons just don't work.

However, it works perfectly well on M2 Air. The previous version 8.2 works fine on M1 Max too.
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Re: Dialog boxes in macOS app became unresponsive to mouse clicks   19 March 2024, 09:36

It appears to be an occasional issue with macOS. Several people have reported it on Apple's website for different apps and different versions of macOS.

What seems to help is moving, resizing or minimising the window. Clicking the button with the Space key may help too.
It seems to be related to the external mouse (not the trackpad).

I experimented with using the Tab and Return keys, and there is no problem with your dialogue boxes. I then tried using the trackpad (which is what I used on my M2 Air computer). Again, works perfectly!

But going back to the external mouse (the latest Apple Magic Mouse v1.9.2), the problem occurs. The clue for me was that sometimes, after
10 or so clicks, the button click would eventually work.

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