Suggestion: Add more MAC-address display formats

Started by Michael


Suggestion: Add more MAC-address display formats   25 March 2024, 10:59

Is there a way to change the MAC address display format other than what's available on the View tab in Options?

I deal with Aruba switches and they use a MAC address format of xxxxxx-xxxxxx. This isn't one of the options in the View tab, so I am wondering if there is another way to change that format to the one I need?

I just bought licenses today for both Network Scanner, which I use almost everyday, and the Switch Port Mapper. Thank you for your great software and help.
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Re: Add more MAC-address display formats   25 March 2024, 11:58

Thank you for the suggestion. We have added 4 new MAC-address display formats in Network Scanner and in Switch Port Mapper:
Please download the latest builds to try this new feature.

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