How to do paging to RAM-Drive/Disk/Cache, hibernation, Windows 7 32-bit,RAM 8GB+?

Started by riukas


I've got quite an urgent question, please help if you can..

Summary of the question:
How to move pagefile (or do the paging) to RAM Drive / RAM Disk / RAM Cache on Windows 7 32-bit with 8GB+ RAM, with hibernation?

I urgently need a desktop solution which would use my unmanaged/invisible RAM above 4gb in Win7 32-bit.
I need the following features:
1) the most important: have an ability to move as many paging operations as possible from HDD or SSD to the free unmanaged RAM, and at *the same time* have an ability to hibernate/hybrid sleep/shut down with proper resume/startup. When all the unmanaged RAM is fully used by paging, the system/software should have an ability to additionally use slower storage medium (HDD or SSD). Probably two page files (one in unm. RAM and another in HDD) or something similar should work?
2) ability to move some system/application temp/cache folders+files to the unmanaged RAM
3) ability to automatically save/restore contents of these folders+files in a way that they would be available to the system whenever system is on (e.g. the software should make paging to unmanaged RAM available right after booting/resuming, etc.)
4) reliability and high compatibility with OS and any other software

- Do you know a product/solution with all these features? Or a working combination of products/solutions with all these features? Is Softperfect software capable of doing this?
- If not, then which product(s) match feature 1? which product(s) match feature 2? feature 3? feature 4?

Note: My computers will have either 8GB, or 16GB, or 32GB, etc. of physical RAM. In all these cases all of the unmanaged RAM should be
usable by the software (e.g. ability to use paging to the whole 28GB of unm. RAM in a 32GB system, use all 4GB in 8GB system, etc.).
Perhaps different software solutions/editions would be suggested in these cases by you.

I've searched many forums, but haven't found such a solution which integrates moving paging operations to the RAM and support hibernation at the same time. Also, most of the info and hot discussions on internet are like 2 years old. Are there any news until current time?

What I have just found recently:
- Hibernation is supported (by advanced options) in "romex vsuite ramdisk". BTW, this one also supports invisible memory reservation (which helps to combine some memory hungry hardware like video cards that also use invisible memory). However it's not clear if it supports pagefile and hibernation at the same time. Do you know anything about it?
Also the problem with this product is that it's not being sold anymore. The 'primo ramdisk' ='vsuite ramdisk II' they sell instead of this. And this product supports both pagefile and hibernate, but not at the same time (see the romex page, there is a known unfixable issue about this).
- Then I noticed romex fancycache. Looks like it works with hibernate / hybrid sleep, and the cache would probably do some pagefile operations in the cache automatically.. But it's harder to force the whole pagefile to be put in RAM this way, and more importantly this is a beta-software still, so looks like not very reliable.

There are quite a few Win 7 RAM drive solutions for several years, but I have found no track of any of these being used with hibernate and pagefile - at least have found no people who were successful about this.

Anyone of you guys know (or hopefully use) some solution?

Note: What I'm trying to solve by using unmanaged RAM for paging is
- use my unused/invisible memory (RAM is rather cheap these days)
- avoid the performance bottleneck when I have many windows (and many tabs, hundreds of tabs) open in Windows 7 32-bit (task manager and resource monitor shows that running a dozen or more windows and a few browsers with many tabs is stressing pagefile access badly)

Important and unchangeable in this question / my case is this: I use 32-bit OS. (It's for rather old driver and realtime legacy software compatibility.)

Looking forward to your replies, I'd appreciate any help!

How to do paging to RAM-Drive/Disk/Cache, hibernation, Windows 7 32-bit,RAM 8GB+?   29 January 2013, 05:38

1) SoftPerfect ramdisk can't access the "above 4GB" memory on 32bit Windows - dunno if there's plans to support it.

2) Do you want to relocate the hibernation file to ramdisk? O_o - this sounds utterly insane, and would require some extreme hacks to the NT kernel and the bootloader. The hibernation file is loaded at a really early state during the boot process, while not running the full set of drivers - for instance, only limited NTFS support is available (thus the requirement to not use NTFS compression on hiberfil.sys, requiring it to be in the root of your partition, and on the boot partition).

3) It's not possible to run proper 64bit system and virtualize the specific software that's incompatible? You do same "realtime", but hypervisor-based virtualization works pretty well these days?
No one will recommend this because they wont take responsibility for breaking your system. 32bit is not designed to have more than 4gb of system ram how ever with the correct settings you allow this to happen.

There is even a program called readyfor4gb that will patch your system to allow the use of the extra four gig of ram. But once again No one will take responsibility if it breaks your operating system. How ever i am just giving you options that allow the additional access.

How ever Snemarch is correct with his answers.

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