SVI file editor and exFAT support

Started by Alex


SVI file editor and exFAT support   30 May 2013, 05:55


I wanna give a big thanks to the devs for making this great piece of software free. So thank you guys!!!
My question are:
Is there any SVI editor? so I can edit the image file, cuz I have pagefile in it and it doesn't umount unless I change the path first and then reboot, It would be easier so I can make changes directly to the image without the mount and unmount and check the P hassle.
My other question is whether there is an extFAT support, I notice that the performance, specially on loading image from boot in ntfs is very slow, but extremely fast in FAT32. But unfortunately the 4Gb limitation is a drag.. therefore I wanna know if there is an extFAT underway.
Working with HD uncompress video in RAMDIsk is great but sadly they require a lot of space too. Also goes to images bigger than 4gbs, when uncompressing using 7zip and RAMdisk as tmp folder

Thx and keep up the good work!
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svi file and exFAT question   31 May 2013, 13:52

There is no way to edit an SVI files. The file is essentially a header, followed by file system structures and then actual data. The only way to edit it is actually to mount it.

As to the exFAT file system, we'll add it.

Re: SVI file editor and exFAT support   31 January 2015, 06:31

Hi Andrew,

I just installed your software to test it.
Is the exFAT support already working in v3.4.6?
Because I don't get this file system offered in the list.

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Re: SVI file editor and exFAT support   02 February 2015, 16:44

No, at the moment the product only supports FAT, FAT32 and NTFS.

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