RAM Disk doesn't show mounted disk

Started by PuterPro

RAM Disk doesn't show mounted disk   30 September 2013, 22:53

Hi All!

Newbie to RAM disk, but long time Tech.
I'm running a Win7 x64 i5 with 16GB. Wanted to store Firefox cache on RAM Disk. Ran a trial with a 500MB disk, created a folder to hold it, told Firefox to use that folder for it's cache.
I had a few quirks, but chalked that up to being unfamilar with the software.
Did some reading up, played with it and got it going.
Then, today I decided to make it bigger so I could include IE's Temp INet files as well, and perhaps some scratch disk files for one of my photo apps.
Unmounted the old drive, deleted the file, created a new drive using 1GB, NTFS, NOT HD Emulated. (Although I did try that later, same result) Drive created fine. Mounted the drive, it mounted and was assigned Z: properly. Created a folder for Firefox's cache, also OK.

BUT ... It doesn't SHOW in RAM Disk. Ran Firefox, opened a few sites, all was well, it's populating the cache.

Shows in Explorer OK, but RAM disk says 0 mounted disks. It can see them to mount and dismount, but not in the main window to do anything ELSE. Odd ...
Unmounted, Remounted multiple times. Same thing. It WORKS fine, but I can't get it to SHOW in RAM Disk so I can change it's settings. I also had this once when playing with the 500MB "TEST" drive, but it started working, not sure why. Running 3.4.0.

I'll try removing it, rebooting and recreating it for fun and will report back.


All the Best,

RAM Disk doesn't show mounted disk   30 September 2013, 23:16

Did you use "Mount Image" command? It just mounts image file, it does not actually create any RAM disks. You should use "Add" or "Add Boot Disk" commands instead.

RAM Disk doesn't show mounted disk   01 October 2013, 01:37

Hey VD! Thanks for the reply!

Uhhh HUH? (He says in his most intelligent voice ... :S )
I have a Z: drive mounted and with folders. One does assume (ahem) that would count as a RAM disk. smile
But it doesn't show in the main App window. I can mount & unmount, and all functions fine, but since it doesn't show up in the main screen of the app, I can't change it to be persistant, or save every 5 mins, etc.
I don't know how you could mount an image without FIRST having CREATED it. I just don't get what you're getting at, the image was created first or you couldn't mount it.
Am I missing something here? (Not being a smartass, I just don't get your reply.)

~UPDATE~ A reboot didn't help. Haven't deleted it, rebooted, and recreated yet. (It's a work day, have to earn my keep! LOL!)

SoftPerfect Support forum - Andrew avatar image

RAM Disk doesn't show mounted disk   01 October 2013, 09:06

The RAM disk software works with both RAM disks and Image files.

Most likely you have just mounted an image and not a RAM disk (via Image Create/Mount/Unmount in the main menu). These are not shown in the main screen.

To create a RAM Disk choose Disk - Add or Disk - Add Boot Disk from the main menu and it will appear in the list of disks.

Re: RAM Disk doesn't show mounted disk   01 October 2013, 23:25

@Andrew -
AHA! Now I know what VD was getting at!
I'm sure that's it, I misunderstood the "Add" command. Duh!
I had created an image, then mounted it. I {ahem} thought that was the same. After being a Tech so long, I tend to be menu driven not "button" driven, and I'm so used to creating images for VM's I missed the easy way!
Typical overthinking. laugh

Don't you love how things are always so clear in restospect? LOL!
Thanks so much to both of ya!


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