Uninstalling RAMdisk

Started by Anthony


Uninstalling RAMdisk   20 October 2013, 10:49

Hi I tried uninstalling and the leftovers are screwing up with my system. I've deleted everything associated in the registry and I used Revo Unistaller. I can probably solve this issue, but what I want to know is:
1)Where in the device manager tree can I find the drivers associated SoftPerfect Ramdisk that I can Uninstall?
2)Does Ramdisk make any changes to the Window system files/cofig?(such as what the OS "sees" as mounted)

The reason I ask this is because initially I had a ramdisk as drive G: before I uninstall. Be when I install .Net 4.5 it lists drive C: (my current drive) AND drive G: (with drive G having 0MB). SoftPerfect support forum

I have a ghost drive sitting there even though disk management doesn't show G. And somehow my operating system is acting as if this is the drive its installing software on.

Please help me. I can't install anything on my computer until I can fix this sad.

Re: Uninstalling RAMdisk   20 October 2013, 11:01

Okay I see why now. I'm not entirely happen about the fact that my environment variable for TEMP was changed to drive G: without my knowing :/. Anyway, in case anyone else has this problem just go into advanced system settings and change to C:\TEMP. btw running the temp folder on the ram disk wasn't very helpful either since the installer gave me an error. I would suggest changing the default options for your next build softperfect.
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Re: Uninstalling RAMdisk   20 October 2013, 15:28

The RAM disk does not change your temporary folder's location.

You must have done it manually via Tools - Set Windows TEMP folder.

Re: Uninstalling RAMdisk   31 July 2015, 09:31

thanks alot anthony smile
was searching for help quite some time, and here i found it.

thanks man!

Re: Uninstalling RAMdisk   21 August 2015, 02:54

I am trying to install ramdisk that I downloaded today 8/20/15. It will not install because I get a message that says I have an older version that I need to uninstall first. Unfortunately, I cannot find any files related to a previous version.

I am running Windows 10 Pro. Previously I was running Windows 7 Pro. Any ideas????
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Re: Uninstalling RAMdisk   21 August 2015, 19:04

See this link for the information on how to uninstall completely.

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