XML image disk file ignored

Started by Mauro


XML image disk file ignored   24 July 2014, 00:20


I use RAM Disk system with batch file that create and delete ramdisk. To create Ram disk the batch file load a xml file that contain the disk characteristics. I have used this systems in 3 different Computers but in the one the file XML is ignored. When I launch a batch file the disk is not created. Can you help me?

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Re: XML Image disk file ignored   25 July 2014, 01:01

Is there a error message or something?

It might indicate insufficient memory or the absence of a continuous memory block (due to memory fragmentation) to allocate that RAM disk.

Re: XML Image disk file ignored   26 September 2014, 01:42


later more evidence I understand that it's a problem of Windows, probably some security setting. Ramdisk is installed in C:\RD.
If I go in C:\RD\ramdiskws.exe I can do File --> Import discs (Disco-Paolo.xml). Later I select my disk and I do Disk --> Mount. The disk will be mount.

I launch ramdisk with a batch File:

cd /d "C:\RD"

In the third line appears an error "R disk not found". The same File in another Computers works.

Could you tell me the Windows settings to change?
The second line in CMD will be ignored and I don't understand because.

Thank you
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Re: XML image disk file ignored   29 September 2014, 14:45

Sorry for a late response. I am afraid we were unable to reproduce this issue.
In all cases the XML file gets imported normally and mounted by the following /mount command. I guess it could be something related to that specific user account on that computer (perhaps the XML file could not be read due to its permissions or something).

Re: XML image disk file ignored   26 July 2016, 23:55


just searched the internet for this issue. i had the same on a WIN7-system. is the problem that the script (bat) has to be run as admin ?

best regards
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Re: XML image disk file ignored   27 July 2016, 11:06

It depends. What does your batch file do exactly?

Sometimes you can get the answer faster if you try the forum search and/or have a look at the software user manual to see if your question has already been answered.

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