Releasing the memory after unmount

Started by mike


Releasing the memory after unmount   23 May 2015, 02:45

Very often, the program does not free the memory after disconnecting the drive. It freezes for a long period of time with a window "Unmounting..."
Then drive disappears, but the memory is not returned to the OS. This is very bad! How to return memory?
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Re: Releasing the memory after unmount   23 May 2015, 12:14

It's not supposed to happen and if that happens it's either a bug, or a conflict with some other software. We checked whether it is indeed a bug: the issue is not reproducible in our test systems.

If you reboot the computer, the memory will be freed.

Re: Releasing the memory after unmount   13 August 2015, 07:39

This does appear to be an issue with the software, it could be specific to hardware configurations however replicable on a Samsung 5 series AMD laptop and 2 variations of Gigabyte motherboards also AMD based, all memory being Corsair 1333mhz Windows 7 and Windows 10 except with for laptop which is likely to be a generic module.

Rebooting does release the memory, however this is a pain if you frequently switch out ram disks whilst using memory intensive applications.

SoftPerfect version 3.4.6 64bit

Configuration information
Windows 7 & 10 tested on Samsung 5 series laptop 6GB Memory, SSD maindrive
Gigabyte 5oz motherboard series 1: 4GB Windows 7 HDD main drive - Clean installs Windows 10 upgrade
Gigabyte 5oz motherboard series 2: 10GB Windows 7 & 10 SSD main drive - Clean installs Windows 10 upgrade

Differences between machines
*1 PCIe sound card HD7870 GPU
*2 HD6870 GPU

Re: Releasing the memory after unmount   13 August 2015, 08:18

Update 1#

Adding and removing RAM disks in a short space of time releases the memory, under real world conditions such as the utilisation of most or all of RAM disk after a few hours of use then attempting to unmount leads to SoftPerfect ram disk crashing into an unresponsive state, if left alone for approximately 5-10mins it springs into life again with the disk no longer visible in either Windows or the application however the RAM has not been released and is unusable until a reboot is performed. Each time the RAM disk has been over 1GB in size.
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Re: Releasing the memory after unmount   20 August 2015, 16:42

The problem with this is we can't reproduce it, so I can't promise fixing this. We'll have a look at this though, during the Windows 10 compatibility improvement we're working on.
Fabio A.

Re: Releasing the memory after unmount   23 March 2016, 06:59


just wanted to share my experience and found solution/workaround with a similar issue.

I had created a 12GB RAMDisk for a game install that was saved to a previously created .img file. After having played the game, I manually saved to the .img file, properly unmounted the RAMDisk and closed the RAM Disk Manager (SoftPerfect) and shutdown the computer.

Upon booting into Windows 10 the next time, the memory that the RAMDisk had previously taken up seemed to still be occupied, but SoftPerfect was not running and the Windows Task Manager could also not point me to any related process (mind you the option to launch SoftPerfect when starting Windows was disabled). Unfortunately, launching the RAM Disk Manager did not show an active entry and trying to create a new RAMDisk using the saved .img file triggered the following error message: "This file is already in use".

So, it's probably some kind of bug, the good news is by simply turning the option to launch SoftPerfect, respectively the RAM Disk Manager, automatically with Windows and restarting cleared everything up.

So I am back to being a happy customer.
Thanx a bunch SoftPerfect, I hope this rant helps someone wink

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