Audio player run from RAMdisk

Started by Edward Hsu

Edward Hsu

Audio player run from RAMdisk   03 June 2015, 03:47

There are quite a few of us on the Computer Audiophile forum who have good results placing a copy of an audio player program in a RAMdisk set up with SoftPerfect software and running it from there. The sound quality is significantly better than when the .exe is executed from the SSD, but the question is why?

We believe when the .exe is run from the SSD it is loaded in to Windows memory. When the .exe is run from a SoftPerfect RAMdisk what happens?
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Re: Audio player run from RAMdisk   03 June 2015, 13:07

Good question. Technically there should not be any noticeable difference between a program launched from an SSD and a program launched from a RAM Disk, except maybe for a faster start in the latter case.

I would assume it's the placebo effect, but if for any reason it does work better, that's great wink
Chris Carson

Re: Audio player run from RAMdisk   09 November 2019, 08:01

OK I have done tests. Who cares where the exe is? I have the same ripped 44.1 CD wav files on my HDD, my NVME SSD and on a RAM Disk I created in my DDR4 RAM. The files played off the HDD are fine. The files played off the SSD are quite noticeably better and the files played off the RAM Disk are amazing.

No contest at all. The RAM Disk is almost analog in its relaxed presentation of the music. All three setups go right to my DAC, then to my system.
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Re: Audio player run from RAMdisk   11 November 2019, 11:02

Thank you for sharing this information. It is very nice to know that our RAM Disk makes such a positive difference in the quality of sound for you.

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