Starting creating RAMdisk

Started by rossomike1966


Starting creating RAMdisk   23 September 2015, 19:04

Hello everybody,
this is my first ramdisk and I would like to do my best.
My PC: Notebook HP Compaq 6730S; SSD 120GB; W7 Enterprise 64 bit; RAM memory 4GB (2 slot of 2GB).
What capacity should have MY RamDisk? (1, 2, or 4GB??)
can you give me some advice please?
thank you.
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Re: Starting creating Ramdisk   23 September 2015, 19:06

First of all, you can't make it 4 GB, that's all RAM you have and there won't be any room for the system.
2 GB is probably a bit too much as well. I'd say 1 GB, but this depends on what you want to use it for.

Re: Starting creating Ramdisk   23 September 2015, 19:53

Thank you for your fast reply..ok, yes, thumb up
I'd like to use ramdisk for speed internet browsing with Firefox mainly; I also thought 1 GB but I wanted your experience.

Re: Starting creating Ramdisk   04 October 2015, 08:28

I'd say use about 512MB for this purpose (internet cache).

Remember that the disk is default cleaned after a reboot so it won't accumulate a lot of data anyway.
The default max. cache size for internet explorer is 250MB when you don't change it, and for FireFox its 50MB I think.

I usually set a 512MB ramdisk, and then:
- set Internet Explorer cache to max 50MB, and move the IE cache location to the ramdrive
- set Firefox cache location to (a subfolder of) the Ramdrive (this requires manually editing in the about:config settings)
- do the same for any other webbrowser that is installed as well
- Set User environment TEMP folder location to the Ramdrive. (NOT system environment temp files! This could cause problems during program installation routines and windows updates, is my experience)

I've never seen it fill up by ONLY these settings when using a 512MB disk.
In your case, I would definitly not go above 1GB for the ramdisk.
Using a disk larger than 1GB in your case when it's not required would only decrease the available system RAM, thus could affect the rest of your system performance.

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