Apps on RAMdisk disappear after restarting PC

Started by Tikarus


Apps on RAMdisk disappear after restarting PC   02 December 2015, 04:15

I created a ramdisk and copied some apps to it. They run ok while the session is active, but after restarting mi pc all the apps in the ramdisk are gone.
Is there a way for that not to happen?

Thanx for any help.
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Re: Apps on RAMdisk disappear after restarting PC   02 December 2015, 11:20

This is the way RAM Disks are by design: to store files that are only needed temporarily, to avoid cluttering and excessive wear of hark disks.
There is a way around though:

  1. Create an image file via Image - Create Image in the main menu. This creates an image file on the hard disk. Then you have optional steps 2 and 3.
  2. Populate your image file with your data. For this, choose Image - Mount Image. This makes the image file accessible via a drive letter. It's still on the hard disk, not in the RAM yet.
  3. Once you have copied all your files to the image, unmount it with Image - Unmount Image.
  4. Create a RAM disk associated with the image file, which now has your data in it if you did (2) and (3). For this, choose Disk - Add Boot Disk and select your image file. This makes a RAM disk associated with your image file.

If you want any changes to the RAM Disk's content to be saved back to the image file, tick Save Contents to Image.

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