How to completely remove RAMdisk

Started by Tanya


How to completely remove RAMdisk   28 December 2015, 10:07

Without going into long detail, when I use the ramdisk with a secondary spinner with only two partitions it causes my PC to blue screen every boot. If the drive has 3 partitions everything works fine, but I no longer need 3 partitions now that I have built a server where most stuff is now stored. I have the same problem with versions 3.4.5, 3.4.6 and 3.4.7. So now, sadly, I want to uninstall the software. When I did that, it cured the BSOD's. However, after install several registry entries are left behind. I can remove all but the LEGACY_SPVVENGINE keys.

Also, there are a number of low level drivers installed. How do I locate those and remove them as well. I rather not install Windows from scratch.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: How to completely remove RAMdisk   28 December 2015, 16:43

There are numerous questions about deleting the LEGACY keys as well as solutions that can be found in Google.

Having said that, I would assume the system creates those entries and denies access to them for a reason. Unless you have a very good reason to work around and delete them, I would recommend to ignore them.

This article details what RAM Disk installs and how to remove it.

Re: How to completely remove RAMdisk   01 January 2016, 17:48

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I am sad that it has come to this. I have used the software for several years and it has been great! I don't know why it won't work with a system with a drive with two partitions, and does work if there are three partitions. I guess we will never know why.

For the sake of history; the system has a SM951 AHCI M.2 drive with two partitions as a boot drive (C: 96gb, G: 142gb), a Samsung 850 Pro as a data drive (F: 512gb), and it had a ST3000DM001 as a data drive with 3 partitions (D: 64gb, E: 512gb, I: 2.13tb). This is now a ST2000DM001 with 2 partitions (D: 64gb, E: 1.75tb). My two optical drives are A: and B:

Running regedit as administrator still does not allow the delete of the key, or the associated class key. I have 8 PCs here at home. I was the only person running this software. The SPVVEngine is not present on any other system. Indeed, inspecting the key shows that is created by the Ram Disk install. I have tested this on my test PC. The only way out appears to be a clean install of windows.

Thanks for the link to the manual clean up. The registry keys I had already deleted (Except SPVVEngine), but the .sys files were still present in the drivers folder. Pointless deleting them I guess, since the only way to get rid of the SPVVEngine and class keys is a clean install of Windows that is what I am going to do next.

Thanks for your assistance.

Re: How to completely remove RAMdisk   01 January 2016, 19:48

I should learn to read things properly instead of quickly scanning them. I misread your original reply. Having gone back and re-read it, I have managed to get rid of the registry key without having to reinstall.

Thanks again

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