Conflict with PIA VPN Client and TEMP folder

Started by fredc


Conflict with PIA VPN Client and TEMP folder   25 January 2016, 08:06

Basically this 3.4.7 version works very well and fast. However, when I use other companies' RamDisk, it doesn't have this error but only happen after I have installed SoftPerfect's Ramdisk. Judging from the error message(it pops up about half of the time of each restart or cold bootup) maybe PIA's client can't locate Window's temp folder during start up?? Because I have set my window's temp folder on B: which is a RamDisk Drive for faster performance. The PIA VPN client will start but no matter how many times I click connect it will just stay disconnected.

I have also contacted PIA and see if it is their client's problem but they haven't replied to me yet.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you very much in advance!!
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Re: Conflict with PIA VPN Client and TEMP folder   25 January 2016, 09:22

As we aren't the authors of the VPN product, we can only guess, but here are a few things to try:
  1. Make sure you are using a boot-time disk (Disk - Add Boot Disk in the main menu)
  2. Make sure your TMP and TEMP variables point to something like B:\temp, that is not to the drive's root and there is no trailing slash.
  3. The temporary folder must exist as Windows will not create it.
  4. Try turning on Hard Disk Drive emulation in the RAM Disk's properties.
  5. Try using a different drive letter other than A: and B: as these have special meaning to the system as floppy drives.
I also don't recommend to redirect the system TEMP variables to a RAM Disk as some services and kernel-level drivers may start sooner than the RAM Disk and fail if the temporary folder is not available (the user TEMP variables are okay to redirect).

Re: Conflict with PIA VPN Client and TEMP folder   25 January 2016, 10:04

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your reply! Sorry I thought the creator/programmer will check this forum everyday. That's why I post it here.

I have already tried everything (including creating a boot drive) on the RamDisk program, nothing works. I am currently forced to use another co.'s Ramdisk program.
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Re: Conflict with PIA VPN Client and TEMP folder   25 January 2016, 10:20

No, we are the developers who created the RAM Disk, but I can't tell why a third-party product is failing in this case.

I hope you get helpful advice from the guys that created the PIA VPN client.

Re: Conflict with PIA VPN Client and TEMP folder   25 January 2016, 10:36

Oh! Sorry (misreading your message). Thanks for the reply!

The problems are:

1. The PIA VPN Client was working perfectly on B: Drive but after they update the client, it start having Error - Failed to Find Temp Folder Name

2. Even the updated PIA VPN Client there is no error in running on another company's RamDisk program and I set it up on B: Drive and can connect with no problem.

So just would like to report this to you guys and see if you will fix it in the next release.

Thank you very much Andrew and SoftPerfect!
In case there's still a problem in your system I would suggest trying a different drive letter. I've seen enough software even today having issues with letter A or B from back when in the x86/Windows world they could not be hard drives.

Anyhow I'm having no problems with RAM Disk 3.4.7 and the current v.56 client for PIA, with RAM Disk on X:\ with TEMP.

Re: Conflict with PIA VPN Client and TEMP folder   14 September 2016, 05:27

I had this same problem, and I solved it. There are several different issues in play here, and you need to work to solve them all.

The problem is caused by PIA trying to load before the Ramdisk is ready, thus having no "TEMP" to load into.

First and foremost, make sure that the drive you're using has a folder ready. Use the create folders box under the file system options if this drive doesn't load an image. If this drive is being used for TEMP files and nothing else, I suggest using FAT32 rather than NTFS. Also, if you're using both USER variables and SYSTEM variables (the developer advises against moving system variables at all) then don't make them share a folder! For example, move user variables to R:\TEMP and System variables to R:\SYSTEMP.

Second, there's a big chance PIA and SoftPerfect RamDisk are not your only two programs that load at startup. The problem is that every program will try to load at once, and it's sheer luck which program happens to "win". If PIA happens to load before SPRD, it's going to throw that error message. So, what you'll need to do is install a program such as Startup Delayer to delay your start up programs, so they don't slow SPRD down (worth mentioning - GPU-Z doesn't like loading before SPRD either). Make sure programs like Skype, f.lux, etc are delayed for at least a few seconds while SPRD gets priority.

Now, not every program has a start up entry, instead using task scheduler to launch - PIA being one of these. Launch Task Scheduler and right click on "Private Internet Access Startup" and click properties. Then go to the "triggers" tab and click edit. Check the box next to "Delay Task for" and you can enter a delay. Be sure to do this for any other program you may have installed that loads at startup or log on through Task Scheduler.

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