What happens if RAMdisc fails

Started by Les


What happens if RAMdisc fails   30 June 2016, 01:17

Good Afternoon (for me),
I was hoping some of you good people could answer the following question.
I've followed instructions and changed the Windows temporary folder to Ramdisc, about 40Mb seemed OK until I tried to install something, so I increased the Ramdisc size and all was OK.
But my question is this, the Ramdisc option changes the Windows folder, so what happens to the boot and normal running of my laptop if Ramdisc breaks or I need to uninstall it and the Ramdisc folder isn't there! The same question applies to Firefox, if I follow the instructions to point Firefox at the Ramdisc.
So (a subsidiary question) how would I get into Windows (presumably in Safe Mode/W8) to change the temporary folder back?

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Re: What happens if RAMdisc fails   30 June 2016, 03:09

If the RAM Disk breaks or the software is deleted, it would the same if the %TEMP% variable pointed to a non-existent path. This means many programs, as well as software installers may fail. Likewise, a browser set to use a cache folder that doesn't exist may fail.

You should revert the %TEMP% variable to the system's default before removing the RAM Disk app. If the app was already uninstalled, here is how to do it manually.

Re: What happens if RAMdisc fails   30 June 2016, 06:17

Andrew, Thanks for the info, you explained my question much more coherently than I did. But you did leave unanswered one aspect.
Would Windows (8 in my case) actually boot without the ramdisc it is pointing to, so I could then affect the manual changes? Or would I have a problem on my hands?

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Re: What happens if RAMdisc fails   30 June 2016, 11:11

It will boot as Windows itself doesn't use the per-user %TEMP% setting. You should be able to access the desktop and system settings.

Re: What happens if RAMdisc fails   01 July 2016, 18:40

Thank you for your quick and clear answers. The two part of your answer resolve my problem exactly.
I've had Networx for some time when I experienced a driver failure. I was returning to this site to resolve the problem I noticed Ramdisc and decided to give it a go. I then immediately recalled what had brought me to this site and realised the potential consequences.
So all-in-all, a Ramdisc failure is an inconvenience and in no way a disaster.

Thank You again

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