BSOD on boot: Page fault in nonpaged area

Started by Dedmen Miller

Dedmen Miller

BSOD on boot: Page fault in nonpaged area   24 September 2016, 14:38

I wanted to create a Ramdisk on Letter P. Somehow the letter P was blocked and caused an error. Sorry i don't remember it that well
I think it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 183 can't open file. Maybe 283 or 193, I'm better in remembering numbers than words.
Although that error came up.. I suddenly had a new drive on letter Q with the diskspace i set for drive P. I was confused and tried to enable the drive again in Ramdisk the error came again.. Another drive R was created. And Ramdisk still showed drive P as not mounted. I didn't know how to remove these weird drives as they didn't appear in Ramdisk. So i rebooted. And landed in a BSOD loop (Page fault in nonpaged area) After 3 hours in rescue mode i was able to fix it.. by loading the registry structure system32\config\SYSTEM and removing the before created letters from MountedDevices (Normally that entry is in HKLM\SYSTEM\MountedDevices). After that i was able to successfully boot again.
Sorry i don't have any mdmp's for you because not having a pagefile on your C drive (which i don't because i want to protect my SSD) keeps windows from creating minidumps.. apparently.
Cannot find any logs in eventviewer that belong to that issue. Even if i cant really help you with that I just wanted to report this. Because many people can break their systems with this.

I guess my P drive was blocked because i used Arma 3 Tools workDrive. This creates a P: drive that links to a directory in your documents folder. Which is used for developing mods for Arma 3. But that P: drive was last used about 2 days ago and was dismounted after i used it also 2 days ago. I can provide you with the workDrive executable if you want to try it out.
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Re: BSOD on boot   24 September 2016, 20:26

I am sorry to hear that our RAM Disk caused the trouble. There may be some kind of conflict with workDrive.

Please send us a copy of it and mention what version of Windows you are using and we'll test it.
Dedmen Miller

Re: BSOD on boot   26 September 2016, 06:34

message sent. Tracking ID: R5D-UJH-****
Here the text again. For reference.

Workdrive files are attached
Needs .Net 4.5
Run command line
workdrive /Mount C:
C can also be any directory. But in my case I used another Ramdisk on T:

Then workdrive /Dismount
and after atleast two restarts (with hybrid boot enabled so it keeps ramdisks content)
i tried to create a ramdisk on P:
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Re: BSOD on boot   02 October 2016, 22:04

This issue has been fixed in version 3.4.8 available from the RAM Disk home page.

Although the app can't mount a RAM Disk until a reboot was done (this is due to WorkDrive's incomplete drive letter removal) it no longer crashes. The BSOD was caused by a double memory de-allocation when a drive letter couldn't be used during boot.

Re: BSOD on boot   05 October 2016, 06:16

Thank you very much. I also created a bug report on the Bugtracker of the people responsible for WorkDrive. (

Your support is astonishingly quick and good. I love to be using your Ramdisk software.

Re: BSOD on boot: Page fault in nonpaged area   12 December 2016, 20:54

I'm not getting this error when creating ram disk. However, I got the same problem when doing other tasks.

Here are a few useful solutions which helped me to fix page fault in nonpaged area BSOD error.

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