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RAMDisk doesn't start sometimes - "Link could not be created"

Started by azrael

RAMDisk doesn't start sometimes - "Link could not be created"   16 November 2016, 03:44

Hello everyone,

I am using RAMDisk on Win 10 64bit since about a year.
Sometimes after booting, RAMDisk does not start with the message "Link could not be created. Code 87 (Bad parameter)", but not every time. I could not provoke it.

Now I updated to Version 4 (and purchased it wink ), but the problem hasn't gone. Could anyone help me please?

Please see my configuration in the attachment (sorry, it's in German). TEMP folder is not used as system %TEMP% directory.

Thanks in advance!
open | download – ramdisk_config.jpg (31.3 KB)
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Re: RAMDisk doesn't start sometimes - "Link could not be created"   16 November 2016, 22:51

That's very strange. The link creation may fail when you use the RAM Disk UI or when a logon-time disk is created; but when a boot-time disk is used, this message has no way of coming up.

Here are a few thoughts/suggestions:
  • Is this the exact error message? The one we have in the software is exactly "Link creation failed". If it's something different, like "Link could not be created", it may not be from our app.
  • Do you have any other RAM Disks defined other than the one shown in the screen shot?
  • Try using a different drive letter - sometimes there may be inconsistency in Windows volume manager if another app attempts to use the same letter.

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