Keeping operating system on a RAM disk

Started by Dan


Keeping operating system on a RAM disk   08 December 2016, 12:06

Hi, I just bought a laptop. I am a bit disappointed with the slow hard drive it came with it was a black Friday special. I am thinking about up grading it to an ssd drive. I was looking up information about ready boost and alternatives. I came across your site to read about your ram disk software. I was thinking, installing an entire operating system and all your applications: photo and video editing software, data base and of course virtual machine software along with the actual virtual machines would be an exceptional product. Running your entire computer from ram would be the wave of the future. I can see millions of computer users using a product of this type not just a few enthusiasts. People would still buy ssd hard drives to keep their operating system and apps permanent but run everything from ram. I love this I idea. I have an IT degree and build computers for a living. If I were to start my own computer manufacturing company. I would build all of my computers using your product. I would blow the leading computer manufactures away with your technology. Nobody likes slow pokey computers. I would love to see this product materialize. In addition, this product would have to be stable as well. Make this product cross platform ( Linux, Mac, and Windows) Just my thoughts!
have a great day!
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Re: Keeping operating system on a RAM disk   08 December 2016, 12:31

This sounds like a great idea in theory, but in practice there are quite a few challenges:
  • What happens if we run out of RAM?
  • Data persistence - when to sync back to hard drive?
  • Operating systems aren't designed for that - it's doable, but hacky.

So the software way isn't good for now. As to the hardware way, there are hardware PCIe modules stuffed with RAM and carrying a backup battery onboard. They behave just like a regular hard drive, but at the speed of RAM.

Newer developments are called NVDIMMs, though only currently used in servers as they are very expensive.

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