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How to remove corrupt .img file

Started by Ilan Goldstein

Ilan Goldstein

How to remove corrupt .img file   27 January 2017, 13:09

A long while ago, when I was a young Idiot (2 years ago), I downloaded a RAM disk. Upon installation, I didn't specify which type it should be. Because I'm unable to mount this disk, I'm unable to delete it safely.

SoftPerfect support forum

I really am at a loss of what to do, so am scouring the internet to find anyone who could give advice outside of 'get a new computer'. Using any programs or commands available, what can I do?

SoftPerfect support forum
Attempting to mount the image with the program here results in the above error.

SoftPerfect support forum
Using the initial source, I get the above error.

Any further information needed will be given upon request.
Thank you.
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Re: How to remove corrupt .img file   27 January 2017, 13:58

Sorry, I am not sure what exactly you are trying do. If you just want to delete the image files, first you need to close all programs that may keep it open.
If you don't know which programs keep it open, the Unlocker tool may help.

By the way, the second screen shot belongs to some other program, not our RAM Disk app.
Ilan Goldstein

Re: How to remove corrupt .img file   28 January 2017, 11:50

Taking your advice, the unlocker seemed to indicate nothing was keeping that file from being deleted. When I DO attempt to delete it, it tends to make my computer very upset - to the point of white-screening on startup. It's considered a partition which is part of the C drive. I would assume that deleting it would have freed up space rather than causing a crash. The other program is just another ramdisk installer. I used it to prove I wasn't able to edit or re-format the file.

Is there any reason deletion of img file would result in system instability?
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Re: How to remove corrupt .img file   28 January 2017, 12:43

As far as our RAM Disk is concerned, even if you delete an image file linked to a RAM Disk, it's okay - it will simply not mount a RAM disk upon startup.

I guess the best you can do is to quit and uninstall both RAM Disk apps, reboot and delete the image file.

If you ever changed the Windows TMP/TEMP environment variables to point to a RAM Disk, you should change them back to the default values - this may be the reason of the white screens.
Ilan Goldstein

Re: How to remove corrupt .img file   28 January 2017, 15:17

I've successfully followed your instructions with good results.
I can't thank you enough.

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