RAM Disk in Windows PerfMon performance monitor

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RAM Disk in Windows PerfMon performance monitor   28 February 2017, 00:12

Issue: Newbie not seeing RAM disk in Windows perf mon. Possibly because RAM disks live well above the HAL layer.

Goal: Use RAM disk for SQL server 2014 Temp data base for speed and to save my poor SSD drives. 20 to 50 Mb transferred regularly as TempDB is hit hard.

Using: 30 day free RAM Disk 4.0.1 64 bit on Windows 10, post 1607 patch set, Intel i7 NUC with 32 Gig memory. SOPHOS anti virus and a few programs. Non gamer.

History: Testing out RAM disk. Everything works fine. Rebooted multiple times ensuring the system is solid. Created and dropped several RAM disks in tuning the system without issue. Biggest issue was windows security and files not inheriting "full control" when moved from one drive to another.

Wanting: Should I see the RAM disk in Windows perf mon? If not, how do I see which files are being hit hardest? Reads/Writes, etc.
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Re: RAM Disk in Windows PerfMon performance monitor   28 February 2017, 00:42

As far as I know, the Performance Monitor requires a disk to be a real hard disk with partitions, not a standalone volume.

The RAM Disk app can emulate that at the expense of minor overhead (usually under 5%). Just head to the RAM disk's properties and tick Hard Disk Emulation. Then it should show up in Perfmon:

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Re: RAM Disk in Windows PerfMon performance monitor   28 February 2017, 01:01

Thank you for the answer and quick response.

I saw the hard disk emulation part but did not make the connection. smile RTFM - words to live & work by.

So far RAM disk has been rock solid under normal and abnormal use (disk full, shrinking an active temp file in SQL server that uses the temp file for work, etc)

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