How to test performance with and without RAM Disk

Started by JoseIbarra


How to test performance with and without RAM Disk   16 June 2017, 22:39

I would gladly pay for RAM Disk if I could verify that it actually improved the performance of my system.

I have one system with Windows 7 Pro, 16GB RAM and a SATA HDD that I would like to see how/if RAM Disk helps. I'm afraid of things like "I think it is running faster", "It seems to be running faster", "It might be running faster", etc. I need to see some numbers or something.

What tests can I run to get a before RAM Disk performance measure and then I can run the same test with RAM Disk and see the numbers that indicate a performance improvement?
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Re: How to test performance with and without RAM Disk   17 June 2017, 00:37

Generally there is no test for that, as the RAM Disk app isn't some kind of system optimiser or performance enhancer.

It lets you to have a very fast disk in RAM, which may be beneficial for programs that perform a significant amount of I/O temporary in nature, and for the physical disks that would be spared that I/O. Common examples include moving Windows temporary files folder, browser caches, temporary databases on servers, and so on.

Having said that, there is no simple way to measure speed improvements and an average user doesn't really need a RAM disk. Here is an article that details when a RAM disk can be useful and when it isn't.

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