Volume hangs but HD Emulation works, Windows 10 Insider Build

Started by Mike G

The error: RAM Disk hangs when a Volume Disk or Volume Image is Mounted. If Hard Disk Emulation is selected, RAM Disk mounts and runs without any errors.

This error has occurred for the first time in Windows 10 Insider Build 16226... RAM Disk has worked on all previous Windows 10 Builds.

The error is not related to a corrupt image file. The error occurs with when mounting an existing image file, a new 'just created' image file, and when attempting to mount a new Volume Disk without specifying an Image file.

While using Hard Disk Emulation provides a stable workaround, this looks like it could be an issue for RAM Disk in upcoming releases of Windows 10.

P.S. The Windows 10 error logs did not include any detail. The log entry simply stated that the application hanged.
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Re: Volume hangs but HD Emulation works   25 June 2017, 10:21

Thank you for reporting this issue.
Unfortunately, it's pretty common that things don't work correctly in a preview build. A number of sources around the Internet also reported that build 16226 has numerous bugs.

Let's wait until it becomes an official update, then if the issue is still present, we'll investigate what's going on there.
Mike G

Re: Volume hangs but HD Emulation works   25 June 2017, 23:02

Thanks, I'll keep checking for the error as new Insider Builds are released.

An additional note:
Once the Volume Mount error occurred, RAM Disk could not recover nor be shut down. Neither the Task Manager nor Process Explorer could kill the process ('Access denied'). Restart and Shutdown were also blocked. Had to do a power off shut down.

The Digital Signatures of the RAM Disk drivers (spvdbus.sys & spve.sys) are marked 'This digital signature is OK'.
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Re: Volume hangs but HD Emulation works   26 June 2017, 09:43

It sounds like a deadlock took place somewhere in the kernel. When that happens, a regular program that interacts with a driver hangs on I/O in progress and can't be killed until the driver returns control.

Hopefully it's a Microsoft's issue and they'll resolve it before the release.

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